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During your assessment I will be looking at your posture from the front, back, and sides to determine the balance and position of the major load joints (ankles, knees, hips, shoulders), as well spine and head position, in other words, your "functional alignment", and where you are out of balance or alignment.

Then we will run through some functional and orthopedic tests, and I will explain how your posture, or positioning of the load joints,  is affecting your body and contributing to any pain or discomfort that you may be experiencing. 

My view of what is happening in your body, or causing your symptoms, may be quite different from what you may have been told by other practitioners, and it will make you look at your body in a different way, and it will make sense!.


Then we will move to the treatment, where the goal is to restore balance and function to the body.  I will check range of motion and function of the major joints and muscles as we go through the session, addressing restriction using various techniques outlined below.  I am looking to discover the "cause" of dysfunction, not merely treat the "symptoms".   


A lot of clients say that it's like having a massage, but way more advanced,  mixed with chiro or physio,  and they appreciate that it's specific to the individual.

The site of the pain is NOT the source of the pain


I use soft tissue techniques that you may be familiar with from massage therapy, as well as myofascial, and lymphatic work.  As well, I use manual osteopathic techniques to improve joint mobility and function,  such as  Muscle Energy Technique and osteoarticular joint mobilization.  

I am also trained in IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization), and kinesiotaping through RockTape.  This is a method of affecting the nervous system via the skin, and it works very well!


Clients benefit the most from consistency of treatment, usually every 4-8 weeks, as a regular part of their health care routine.

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